Benefits of selling your house fast to us


Unlike the conventional methods, selling your property quickly for cash brings many benefits to the home seller. These benefits are not normally present if you were to sell your property using estate agents and include some of the following:

No solicitor fees to pay – When you sell your house to us, we also pay your solicitors fee (up to a maximum of £500) to help make the process smoother.

Sale within weeks or days – No estate agent will offer you the option of a guaranteed sale within a minimal time. Their job is to advertise and wait for enquiries to come in; no enquiries means no sale. However, when you contact us, we will buy your house from you, thus ensuring that you get fast sale within weeks or days.

Easy process – Selling your property directly for equity release means that a lot of the third parties normally involved in the process are eliminated, leaving the field open for a more straight forward sale.

No house chain breaks – As mentioned in the above point, a direct sale ensures that there are no worries of external elements such as a house chain break or failure in a buyers mortgage adversely affecting the sale.

Zero commission – We don’t make our living from charging people estate commissions. Our job is to buy houses and we will not charge you a commission. 

Instantly stop your mortgage payments – If you are selling your house due to financial problems and need to stop a property repossession, then selling quickly to us means that you can stop your mortgage payments quickly.

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